Jan 07 2019 Champion Life Group Team

Questions and answers about life, love, and leadership.

curriculum small groups discussion


Make sure to start off with prayer. Then choose one or more questions to open up with.

  • If you had a Q&A opportunity with God, what are some questions you would ask Him? 

Message Review

Quotes and discussion questions from this week's message.

Pastor Kevin said that at the beginning of every year he creates his goals based on three categories: personal, family, and ministry.

Talk-it-Out: What are some goals that you have for the year ahead?

Pastor Kevin said that he stays strong under pressure by doing two things. First, he doesn't run from stress but embraces it with a positive attitude about it. Second, he lives his life with rhythm and routine. For example, he has a certain workout routine. He wakes up and goes to bed at a certain time, and he eats a certain way on a daily basis. 

Talk-it-Out: What rhythms and routines do you currently have in your life? What rhythms and routines do you think would be beneficial for you to add to your life?

Pastor Kevin said that if he could tell a young adult one thing it would be to believe that the Bible is the innerrant Word of God. He went on to say that when you doubt something, your mind will subconsciously look for information to support your doubt, and you will find it. But if you decide to believe something, your mind will subconsciously search for information to support your belief, and you will find it. Lastly, if you follow the principles and instruction in the Bible, you will live your best life this side of heaven.

Talk-it-Out: Have you ever had doubts about the Bible? What has helped you work through those doubts?

Pastor Kevin said that if you are single and wanting to flourish in this season there are a couple things you can do. First, embrace and enjoy the season you are in. Second, get involved as you can in your church community. 

Talk-it-Out: Whether you are single or in a relationship, what is something you enjoy about the season of life you are in?

Talk-it-Out: Are you doing life with the right people that are on the same path as you? 

Pastor Kevin was asked, "How do I know what my purpose is?" His response was to serve your way into your purpose. As you begin to serve God, you will bump your way into something that will ignite your heart and passion, and you will discover your purpose. 

Talk-it-Out: If you know what your purpose is, what is it and how did you discover it? If you do not know what your purpose is, are you ready to serve your way into it?


Encourage your group to start writing things down. Do the following exercises:

  • Do a SOAP devotional on 2 Timothy 3. Read the SCRIPTURE, write down your OBSERVATIONS, write down how you can APPLY it to your life, and say a PRAYER. 


Encourage your group to start doing. Commit to a step, and live it out this week.

  • Start the new rhythms and routines your talked about during the Talk-it-Out discussion. 
  • Complete Growth Track. Every Saturday in Tacoma 6:00pm, and every Sunday at all of our campuses at 11:30am.

Closing Thoughts

  • Finish group with prayer requests and praise reports.
  • More resources always available here: Small Group Resources