At the Movies Part 1
Watch At the Movies Part 1

Available on: Aug 11 2019

Join us for At The Movies; a series where we dive into movies with a message.

Aug 12 2019 Champions Centre Team

Join us for At The Movies; a series where we dive into movies with a message.

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Make sure to start off with prayer. Open up group with this icebreaker:

What has been your most favorite moment of summer so far? Vacation? Summer Playlist? Team Church? And, why?


Open YouVersion and read: Acts 20-23, Ephesians 6:12, Mark 10:16, James 1:27, and Mark 9:23

Main points from this week's message:

You were created by God to make a difference in this world.

Main Point: Prompted by the Spirit.

Talk-it-Out: In Acts 20:23, Paul is compelled, or prompted, by the Spirit to move. In the movie, Pete and Ellie are compelled to help a child by becoming foster parents. Share with the group a time you felt the nudge from the Holy Spirit to do something way outside of your comfort zone.

Main Point: Take a step of faith.

Talk-it-Out: Taking a step of faith is never easy. Pete and Ellie just kept moving from one step to another in response to being prompted by the Spirit. We all have a “next step” of faith in our walk with the Lord. What is your next step? (Growth Track? Serving with Champions Foundation? Giving?)

Main Point: You will face certain setbacks and sometimes setbacks can be painful. (When you are working in God’s Will for your life, you will experience setbacks.)

Talk-it-Out: Several times throughout the movie, what looked like a setback was setting up Pete and Ellie to gain trust with their foster children. What seemed to be the loss of the kids they had come to love, ended up being a setup for them to adopt them. Talk about a time when you faced a painful setback and quit? Or share how you pushed through.

Main Point: You will experience small glimmers of hope.

Talk-it-Out: If you’ve ever felt like quitting, but didn’t, what kept you from it? Pastor said to watch for those glimmers of hope. Do you need a glimmer of hope right now in your situation?

Main Point: Love selflessly, do what you believe is right and trust God with the results.

Talk-it-Out: God is calling you to make a difference in the lives of others. He calls us all to make a difference. You were made for more. What natural talents do you have that you can use to help others? What gifts has God given you to make a difference in this world? What next step can you take today?


Begin to journal about the deepest dreams and desires that God has placed in your heart.


Take that next step. If you haven’t been to Growth Track, go. If you haven’t joined a team, join now. If you haven’t hosted or attended a Life Group, today is the day to do it. No matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Finish group with prayer requests and praise reports.