Oh the places you'll go 2
Oh the Places We'll Go

Sometimes on our journey it’s hard to see the destination.

Jul 14April Carter

When I call Your Name
When I Call Your Name

Forever Good is about seeing the good in all circumstances.

Jun 21Robin Mccoy

Forever Good Single
Behind "Forever Good"

A reminder that even though hard times happen, God is good no matter what.

Jan 08Trevor Duplissey

Come to worship
Celebrate the Season

The gift we have been given is too good to be true.

Dec 22Kevin Gerald

Giving Tree
The Giving Tree

There are things we can do together to impact someone's life this Christmas.

Dec 14Sheila Gerald

The Page Turner
The Page Turner

Even the greatest stories require us to turn the page.

Nov 12Kevin Gerald

God is Good.
God is Good

Even though life may be hard, God is still good no matter what.

Nov 03Kevin Gerald

Good Glasses
Seeing the Good

Find confidence in knowing who God is and what he can do in our lives.

Oct 29Kevin Gerald

Stop Wondering and Start Watching
Stop Wondering and Start Watching

Imagine if you closed the story of your life in just the first chapter.

Oct 27Kevin Gerald

Hidden in the Process
Hidden in the Process

Sometimes favor is hidden in a process that's painful, but that doesn't mean ...

Oct 19Kevin Gerald

If God is good, then why _____?
If God is good, then why?

There is no question: God is good no matter what.

Oct 15Kevin Gerald

Favor Friendly
Favor Friendly

When your attitude is favor-friendly, favor will be brought to you.

Oct 08Kevin Gerald

If it's good, it's from God.
If it's good, it came from God.

Our view of our lives can change when we realize that every good thing comes ...

Oct 01Kevin Gerald

Student Takeover Weekend
Standing Up

Success happens when we choose to help others.

Sep 17Jonathan Yadon

Our Backyard
Our backyard

Getting involved in our communities is a step we won't regret.

Sep 02Sheila Gerald

Mind Minions Part 2 with Kevin Gerald
Living a Life of Growth and Progress

Don't stop where you are at now. Keep moving forward.

Aug 27Kevin Gerald

Leadership Lids
Leadership Lids

Most of us do not realize that we limit our own potential, but there are...

Aug 20Kevin Gerald

You're Invited.
You're Invited.

When we include people, we assure them that they are a part.

Aug 13Kevin Gerald

The Name
The Name

Jesus is the one who carries us all. It's His name that is above everything.

Aug 06Champions Centre Team


When we feel like we are at the end of our rope, we can rest assured that we ...

Aug 05Champions Centre Team