Generosity drives us 

It drives us with our resources, time, talents and gestures.
Your faithful giving helps us move life forward further and faster.
Together we can do what none of us can do alone.

Online Giving

Online giving is an opportunity for planned giving and partnership with the mission and ministries of Champions Centre.

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Giving Plan Card

As we kick off the new year, we create goals for our health, family, careers, spiritual growth, finances, and more. When it comes to our giving, we want to be intentional about putting God first in our finances and we can do this by creating a plan. Download the 2023 Giving Plan Card below to help you set goals as a family with your giving this year.



Text-To-Give is easy, secure and convenient for anyone with a smartphone.

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Other ways to give

You can also give in person at any location during the weekend. If you would like to set up automatic bank pay or discuss assets you would like to give, please contact