Two are Better Than One 1
Two are Better Than One

God uses relationships to help us go through life and become the people he has...

Chris Dunayski | Oct 12 2016

Move Life Forward 3
A Step of Faith

Take every opportunity to sow a seed into the next generation.

Angus Fan | Sep 29 2016

Prayer vs. Choice
Prayer vs. Choice

You can’t pray your way out of what you chose your way into.

Kevin Gerald | Sep 21 2016

When to Surrender 2
When to Surrender

Are you brave enough to live the life God has called you to live?

Mickey Elliott | Sep 13 2016

Soul on Fire 2
Soul on Fire

Be fearless in the pursuit of the things that set your soul on fire.

Nichole Moore | Sep 08 2016

Weather the storm 5
Weather the Storm

Who do you have to count on when life gets turned completely upside down?

Skyler Norris | Sep 06 2016

How to Fix Our Relationships 1
How to Move Forward Relationally

Even the most well-networked people can experience loneliness on a regular...

Jodi Cameron | Aug 31 2016

Junk in the Trunk
Junk in the Trunk

What you live now, you'll lug later.

Levi Lusko | Aug 25 2016

Bringing Giving to Life for Kids 4
Bringing Giving to Life for Kids

What does building God's house look like to a preschooler?

Sharayah Morgan | Aug 17 2016

A Message to Pastors Kevin and Sheila 1
A Message to Pastors Kevin and Sheila

Thirty years ago, you started a ministry that would move so many lives forward.

The Writing Team | Aug 07 2016

Third Word 2
The Third Word

Think about these two words: I am. Such a tiny, underwhelming phrase. It‘s...

Steven Furtick | Aug 03 2016

It's in the Details 1
It's in the Details

We can encourage others to understand why details matter.

Writing Team | Aug 02 2016

Team Church Conference Luncheon 1
A Clearer Picture

Have you ever taken time to ask yourself what belongs in your past and what...

Kevin Gerald | Aug 02 2016

Fight Soul Sickness 1
Pastors, Fight Soul Sickness

Feeling alone doesn’t make helping people easy.

Joshua Bingle | Jul 28 2016

Dreams vs. Reality 1
Dreams vs. Reality

What if the substance of our dreams became the reality of our lives?

Kevin Gerald | Jul 28 2016

Letting Go of the Know 1
Letting Go of the Know

When we build trust, there comes a point we have to be okay with not knowing...

Craig Groeschel | Jul 26 2016

Rise Up Blog cover
Rise Up

Racism, hate, anger is not a political issue. It's not just a black and white...

Kevin Gerald | Jul 20 2016

Oh the places you'll go 2
Oh the Places We'll Go

Sometimes on our journey it’s hard to see the destination.

April Carter | Jul 14 2016

How Life Change Happens 1
How Life Change Happens

Our Media Team Director shares what she has learned building community on her...

Catalina Mahon | Jul 12 2016

5 Reasons to Be a Part of Team Church 7
5 Reasons to Be a Part of Team Church Conference

Here’s why it’s the best place to be this summer.

Brandon Stewart | Jul 06 2016