Letting Go of the Know 1
Letting Go of the Know

When we build trust, there comes a point we have to be okay with not knowing...

Craig Groeschel | Jul 26 2016

Rise Up Blog cover
Rise Up

Racism, hate, anger is not a political issue. It's not just a black and white...

Kevin Gerald | Jul 20 2016

Oh the places you'll go 2
Oh the Places We'll Go

Sometimes on our journey it’s hard to see the destination.

April Carter | Jul 14 2016

How Life Change Happens 1
How Life Change Happens

Our Media Team Director shares what she has learned building community on her...

Catalina Mahon | Jul 12 2016

5 Reasons to Be a Part of Team Church 7
5 Reasons to Be a Part of Team Church Conference

Here’s why it’s the best place to be this summer.

Brandon Stewart | Jul 06 2016

How Good Teams Become Great Teams
How Good Teams Become Great Teams Part 2

Most leaders don’t want to get stuck. They are always leaning in, learning, and ...

Kevin Gerald | Jun 30 2016

Press On Blog
Press On

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not simply endured.

Jim Reeve | Jun 23 2016

When I call Your Name
When I Call Your Name

Forever Good is about seeing the good in all circumstances.

Robin Mccoy | Jun 21 2016

Father's Day 2016
Honoring Men as Influencers

We celebrate the men who are making a difference in this world.

Kevin Gerald | Jun 19 2016

Best Summer Ever 2
3 Ways to have the Best Summer Ever

It’s less about competing with the year before, and rather about enjoying the...

Kevin Gerald | Jun 09 2016

Men Serving in Kids' Ministry 1
4 Reasons why I LOVE seeing men serve in Kids' Ministry

We each bring our different strengths and skill sets to the table.

Jodi Cameron | Jun 02 2016

Summer Love Blog 1
Summer Love

There’s something extra special about spending a sunny day serving our...

Sheila Gerald | May 31 2016

3 Ways to Work Your Spiritual Biceps
3 Ways to Work Your Spiritual Biceps

Don’t be intimidated by the spiritual giants in your life.

Chris Dunayski | May 24 2016

You Matter
You Matter

A woman can encourage another woman in a very powerful way.

Jodi Cameron | Apr 26 2016

Move Life Forward with Giving
Move Life Foward with Giving

Giving creates possibilities . . . that otherwise don’t exist.

Kevin Gerald | Apr 12 2016

How Good Teams Become Great Teams
How Good Teams become Great Teams

Sometimes, all we need to do is to think of the bigger picture.

Kevin Gerald | Apr 07 2016

Baby Dedications
Committed to the House

Making a commitment is the first step in growing.

Sharayah Morgan | Feb 25 2016

Loving Like Jesus
Loving Like Jesus

One of our young leaders shares what healthy relationships look like.

Haley Yadon | Feb 18 2016

How to Deal with Negative Perceptions
How to Deal with Negative Perceptions

There are times in our lives when people have a negative perception of others....

Nichole Moore | Jan 21 2016

Forever Good Single
Behind "Forever Good"

A reminder that even though hard times happen, God is good no matter what.

Trevor Duplissey | Jan 08 2016