Why Vision is Vital
Why Vision is Vital

If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s impossible to get there from...

Jan 31Kevin Gerald

All At Once Now
Not All at Once Now

How to make a goal a habit.

Jan 03Champions Centre Writing Team

Christmas Stress Blog
Finding the Joy in Christmas

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, here's a few tips and tricks to...

Dec 12Jodi Cameron

4 Traditions to Start This Christmas
4 Traditions to Start This Christmas

These are the traditions you’ve been looking for.

Dec 07Champions Centre Writing Team

Surviving Christmas Blog
Surviving Christmas

Here’s exactly what you need to make it through this season.

Nov 28Champions Centre Writing Team

Halloween Light Blog
The Light

Let’s choose to be in the world, but not of it.

Oct 30Jodi Cameron

Forgiveness Blog
Finding True Forgiveness

The way we respond to experiences moves us toward freedom or toward...

Oct 18Champions Centre Writing Team

Be a Voice 2
The Body

Let’s stop putting this issue aside. Let’s end it.

Oct 05Champions Centre Writing Team

All the Fails Blog
All the Fails

How you can stunt the growth of the people around you.

Sep 21Sue Zimmerman

Bitter vs. Better
The Intersection of Bitter and Better

When faced with a challenging situation, do you find yourself focusing on...

Sep 13Kevin Gerald

Summer Love Blog 1
Consider Everyone

It’s people who make up our neighborhoods, sidewalks, and cities.

Aug 31Champions Centre Writing Team

Mind Set Matters
Mind Set Matters

Right now. At this very moment. There are signals of all kinds being sent...

Aug 22Kirk Bowman

Wednesday Night 8
How is TeamThink different from GroupThink?

Identifying the difference in mindset between a group of people and a team...

Aug 15Kevin Gerald

Leah Blog Blob
We Need Leah Too

Although we really don’t want these "Leah" seasons, they can be incredibly...

Aug 03Jason Bentley

Motivated By Mornings Blog 1
Motivated by Mornings

How do you start your day?

Jul 31Robin Mccoy

TeamThink 1
What’s the Difference Between a Group and a Team?

Don’t confuse the crowd with the committed.

Jul 25Kevin Gerald

Micahn Carter
Finding Wisdom

Wisdom is all around you—available for use at any given minute.

Jul 13Micahn Carter

Once You've Turned Your Heart Blog 1
Once You've Turned Your Heart

What’s Next?

Jul 10Writing Team

Empowering Leaders Blog 1
Empowering Leaders

Invisible leadership doesn't mean the leader lacks involvement.

Jul 06Micah Pelkey

The Presence of a Father Cover
The Presence of a Father

Fathers are needed—not just physically but spiritually, not just at home but ...

Jun 15Kevin Gerald