Micahn Carter
Finding Wisdom

Wisdom is all around you—available for use at any given minute.

Jul 13Micahn Carter

Once You've Turned Your Heart Blog 1
Once You've Turned Your Heart

What’s Next?

Jul 10Writing Team

Empowering Leaders Blog 1
Empowering Leaders

Invisible leadership doesn't mean the leader lacks involvement.

Jul 06Micah Pelkey

The Presence of a Father Cover
The Presence of a Father

Fathers are needed—not just physically but spiritually, not just at home but ...

Jun 15Kevin Gerald

Bystander Behavior
Bystander Behavior

We have a responsibility not only to those who’ve fallen prey to a bully,...

Jun 01Writing Team

The Holy Spirit
The Next Step

If you want to take the next step in your faith journey with The Holy...

May 18Champions Centre Writing Team

Crazy in Love Blog
Crazy in Love

We can drastically underestimate God’s love for us.

Apr 26Kevin Gerald

Make It Memorable Blog 3
Make It Memorable

Sometimes, the most uncomfortable times can open the door for the most...

Mar 31Paul Burton

Where There's No One
Where There's No One

Missions offer an awesome reminder that God is universal while also being...

Mar 22Rebekah Mandt

Culture Matters Blog 4
Culture Matters

You can create a culture that honors God or one that tolerates dishonoring...

Mar 07Kevin Gerald

52 Hours Blog 2
52 Hours to Make It Memorable

We have 52 hours to make an internal impact on the next generation.

Mar 03Nick Davila

The Power of One
The Power of One

One way we demonstrate the love of Christ in us is when we let go of our...

Feb 24Kevin Gerald

Mariah's Story
Mariah's Story

Her story is just one of so many here that inspire us and show us just how...

Feb 16Champions Centre Writing Team

Why You Don't Have Purpose Blog
You Won’t See Your Purpose Until You Pursue It

A lot of people believe in God but don’t think that God has a purpose for...

Feb 14Kevin Gerald

Two are better than one
Buying Time

Are your days half full or half empty?

Feb 02Chris Dunayski

Be a Voice 1
Be A Voice

We live in a time when fighting for freedom seems like history’s news.

Feb 01Sheila Gerald

What We Bring
What We Bring

Whatever is in you is what you bring into a relationship.

Jan 26Kevin Gerald

Choosing Wonderful: Oxygen Blog 3
Choosing Wonderful

This time of year is as wonderful as we make it.

Dec 12Jodi Cameron

Not Just a Cliché 1
Not just a Cliché

Choosing to live from the “God is good” reality helps us confidently say...

Dec 02Kevin Gerald

An Honest Conversation 1
An Honest Conversation

Our Champions Centre students sit down at the table of truth with local...

Nov 23Jonathan Yadon