The Power of a Father’s Presence

Jun 13, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Men don’t instinctively know how to be a man, especially a man of God. It’s something learned, but many men have never been taught. Because of this, there’s a shortage of fathers in the house of God. 

Fathers are needed—not just physically but spiritually, not just at home but also in the house of God. Spiritual fathers look like a man positively influencing a younger man to follow after Christ wholeheartedly.

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 4:15, “Even though you have 10,000 guardians in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus, I became your father through the Gospel.”  

With Father’s Day on our minds, I want to remind men that we are all being fathered by God to be fathers to those around us. My hope is that young men, older men, men who have natural children, and men who don't . . . would read this and recognize that the Apostle Paul is referring to ALL of us as men. He's saying there's a need for all of us to be the strength of masculinity and authentic fathers to our generation.

Here's what it looks like to be a “Father in the House,” and my hope is that men of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds will use this opportunity as a call to become the influencers we are meant to be.

  1. Fathers are active and involved in the family.
    It has become more common in this generation for men to delay making commitments or assuming responsibilities. Psychologists have defined this tendency as the Peter Pan Syndrome. In and of itself, it’s not harmful, but what it often creates can be harmful. These young men take on lifestyles that lack accountability only to surface years later realizing that they exchanged their young, strong years for nothing of eternal value.

    The idea of sending the wife and kids to church without you is outdated and is not the spirit of a father. The idea of women being solely responsible for the next generation and men sitting on the sidelines is not the spirit of a father. A father is planted in God’s house, helping, serving, and leading. He is ready and willing to reach into the next generations and influence them toward God's best for their lives.

  2. Fathers create a strong sense of belonging—they declare affirmation and approval.
    When Jesus was being baptized, the Father’s voice from Heaven said, “this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” As humans, we need to feel like we belong, so a distant father is the last thing a mother and a child need.

    Fathers create an atmosphere of identity and inclusiveness by being involved, speaking up, and letting others know that you’re pleased with them.

    We can look for ways to speak life into men and boys who are in different life stages than ourselves. We can build each other up and cultivate an atmosphere of encouragement.

  3. Fathers are relentless providers.
    Fathers embrace their role as a provider, whether it’s financially or in other ways. They envision the life they want for their family and take great pride in providing it or partnering with their wife to provide it.

    God’s house isn’t any different: fathers in God’s house invest to build the house. They lead the way in making generosity toward God’s house a value in their natural family and encouraging others in their church family to do the same. Whether it’s bringing the whole tithe into the Church, or giving above and beyond the tithe, fathers in God’s house are driven by generosity. They’re under no illusion, they know it takes buildings, services, and staff to serve the community and reach the lost. 

  4. Fathers are unyielding protective warriors.
    Fathers do all they can to protect and take care of their loved ones. An example of how we encourage our male volunteers to grow in their role as fathers is at our ladies’ events here at Champions Centre. We have the men of the house serve in every area in order for women to enjoy attending the conference. This is so important in the parking lot after the event, so women can walk safely to their cars late at night.

    It’s scenarios like these that show the whatever it takes mindset of a father who is willing to go above and beyond to protect others.

    Life-giving fathers—positive influencers—are necessary in our natural families and in God’s spiritual family. It's not just about you or me. If we want to see God move with the greatest impact on our generation and in the generations to come, it is going to take strong, godly men. Men who are ready to bring younger men into their world and teach them God's way and the how-to’s of being a godly man.

    I want to encourage you to level up and get out of spectator mode. You don’t have to be perfect to be a father, just start by being dedicated to staying involved. This is the power of a father’s presence.

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