4 Reasons Men Matter in (Kids) Ministry

Jun 13, 2022 12:28:23 PM

I’m SOOO thankful that so many men have found their way into serving on a team that is so often left for only women to fill. Yep, I said it. The Church Kids team at Champions Centre is not just for the ladies! We have so many youth, young adult, and grown men who are serving in our Church Kids teams—and the kids enjoy having them in the classrooms with them!

Here are a few reasons why I LOVE seeing men serve in Student Ministry:

Men carry a different type of presence with them.

When a confident, God-loving man walks into a kids’ classroom at church, he just carries a different demeanor with him than a woman. I used to get upset or kind of offended when someone would even imply this kind of thing. I just feel different about it now. I want to celebrate that a man can have a unique and positive influence on these kids instead of creating an unnecessary “battle of the sexes” competition.

Men can say things that women can’t.

Kids usually hear instruction from more women than men. Most of the teachers at school are women (almost 3/4 of teachers in the US are female). Most parents who stay home are moms. Meaning that on any given week, a kid in school or at home can hear more than 6–10 hours of instruction from female influences. The great thing about having men serving in kids ministry is that men often provide a different, fresh perspective that only they have—and kids need.

Young boys need men to look up to.

Too often today, little boys are growing up without a strong father in their lives. If those boys do not fill that gap with a God-honoring male figure (or a few), that role will be filled by someone or something that usually is manipulative or negative influences. Having a male role model in their classroom at church can help fill that gap with a positive influence.

Young girls need men to look up to.

Just like young boys need to fill the “daddy gap,” little girls who are missing a father figure in their life will replace him with something as well. With men serving in kids’ ministry, a little girl’s heart begins to heal and soon the daddy gap is full of better options than what she would find outside of the church.

We each bring our different strengths and skill sets to the table for sure! I don’t want to go to a “she” church or a “he” church. I’m so thankful I’m part of a “us” church, and I see it so evident in our Next Gen Ministries when great men are investing into the next generation as role models!

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