Oxygen 2022


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Know Your Bible Better | Pastor Nichole Moore at Oxygen Conference 2022

As Christians, it is critical for us to better understand our Bible and interpret Truth. In this interactive session, Pastor Nichole Moore leads a workshop designed to focus on a better understanding of how to read, observe, and interpret your Bible.

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Be A Pearl Maker | Pastor Jodi Cameron at Oxygen Conference 2022

Through the challenges and the chaos, we can choose to be emotionally healthy and spiritually strong. In this message, Pastor Jodi Cameron encourages us to be a pearl maker, partnering with God to turn problems into possibilities.


Grit & Grace Panel | Oxygen Conference 2022

Culture today has hijacked the term womanhood. In this panel, we focus on what it means to be a woman of grit and grace, according to women in the Bible.

Baseball Cards, Pillows, & Nutcrackers | Oxygen Conference 2022

It's time to dust off and resuscitate some God-given dreams in your heart! In this message, Pastor Meghan Robinson challenges us that to step into the next thing God has for our life, it's going to take a lot of grit and grace.

What is one habit, one thought pattern, or one relationship, that if you had the courage to remove it from your life, would be a catalyst for your future?


Oxygen  2022 Resources

Champions Foundation is gathering resources for local organizations such as Step by Step and Life Choices this year! Bring a package of any size diaper to the lobby during the conference or visit the link below to contribute online.
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Want a free digital download of our 10-Day Devotional by Jodi Cameron?

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What are you fighting for? You can choose to fight IN your life-- with people or emotions, or yourself. Or, you can choose to fight FOR your life with prayer, words, and faith. In this mini book, you will: Discover how to reserve your strength for good fights only. See beyond your current fight to the future impact after you win. Abandon small thinking about yourself and adopt who God says you are. Put your shoulders back, get your eyes, ad get battle ready. You can win if you don't quit!!!!

2021 Highlight Video

All the moments & all the feels of 2021!

Builders & Fighters - Jodi Cameron

The wise woman builds her life, environments, influence, legacy and so much more. Pastor Jodi Cameron encourages us to not look for a fight, but continue building and be equipped to fight in her message, "Builders and Fighters."